For nearly 40 years, Richard Cohen Landscape & Construction, Inc. has consistently been recognized for excellence by winning highest honors in industry competitions.

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Previous Awards

CustomerAwarded ByAward CategoryYear
DonofrioStatewide AwardFirst Place Medium Residential2019
DonofrioCLCAWater Feature2019
Rapport ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement Award2019
Rapport ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2019
Yuan ResidenceStatewide AwardOutstanding Achievement Award2019
Yuan ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement Award2019
Yuan ResidenceCLCAUnlimited Landscape Installation2019
Milia ResidenceStatewide AwardSweepstakes Trophy2018
Milia ResidenceStatewide AwardWater Feature2018
Blasdel ResidenceCLCAUnlimited Landscape Installation2018
Milia ResidenceCLCALarge Residential Installation2018
Milia ResidenceCLCAWater Feature2018
Stafford ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2018
Rango-Herman ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement Award2018
Rango-Herman ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2018
Canori ResidenceCLCAUnlimited Residential Award2017
Canori ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement – Lighting2017
Bailey ResidenceStatewide AwardStuart J. Sperber Sweepstakes Trophy2016
McLean ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Landscape Renovation2016
Moss ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Landscape Lighting2016
Moss ResidenceStatewide AwardJon R. Alsdorf Memorial Award2016
McLeasn ResidenceCLCASweepstakes Award (Best Overall)2016
Moss ResidenceCLCAUnlimited Residential Award2016
Fleskes ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement Award2016
McLean ResidenceCLCAWater Feature2016
Bailey ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2016
Moss ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2016
McNamara ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Water Features2015
Residential EstateStatewide AwardOutstanding Achievement Award2015
McNamara ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement – Lighting2015
McNamara ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement – Water2015
McNamara ResidenceCLCAUnlimited Landscape Installation2015
Orange County EstateCLCASweepstakes Award (Best Overall)2015
Orange County EstateCLCALandscape Lighting2015
Beaudjekian ResidenceCLCALarge Residential Renovation2014
Beaudjekian ResidenceCLCAWater Feature2014
Messa ResidenceCLCALarge Residential Renovation2014
Asner ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Landscape Lighting2013
Asner ResidenceStatewide AwardSweepstakes Award (Best Overall)2013
Asner ResidenceCLCASweepstakes Award (Best Overall)2013
Asner ResidenceCLCABrilliance Award2013
Asner ResidenceCLCASpecial Effects – Fountains2013
Lentz ResidenceCLCALarge Residential Renovation2013
Lentz ResidenceCLCASpecial Effects – Plantings2013
Roche ResidenceStatewide AwardBest Entry – All Residential Categories2012
Roche ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Lanscape Lighting2012
Roche ResidenceStatewide AwardUnlimited Residential Installation2012
Roche ResidenceStatewide AwardFirst Place – Water Features2012
Roche ResidenceCLCASweepstakes Award2012
Roche ResidenceCLCASpecial Effects2012
Roche ResidenceCLCALandscape Lighting2012
Roche ResidenceCLCAWater Feature2012
Keenan/McCoy ResidenceCLCAOutstanding Achievement2012
YearAwarded ByAwards
2006 – 2011CLCA21
2000 – 2005CLCA24
1994 – 1999CLCA20
1988 – 1993CLCA21
1981 – 1987CLCA18